A Perfect solution if you want to get a lead funnel up and running fast and cheap!
 Plus:Free 60 Days of hosting!
Get your lead funnel for only $499
And don't worry about paying for hosting for 60 Days!
Hosted Site on My CF Account
I am already paying for the software you need to collect leads, send automatic emails and make sales.  I would rather you pay me a small amount per month ($25) to host your site on my account and save your money for better things--like marketing your site once it is perfected! After your 60 free days of course.
Your leads delivered to you monthly
I don't keep your leads--you do! Every month like clockwork your new list of names and emails will be delivered to you--it is included in the price of hosting on my account.  You can then do anything you want with them.  
 Automated Emails
If you want to send weekly emails to your new leads and build a relationship with them so you can have the opportunity to sell future products, which I suggest, I will take the copy you provide, load it into the system, and send out emails to your list as often as twice a week for an extra hosting fee of $35 to $65 per month.
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Skip the tech but own your site
I don't hold your site hostage. If you ever decide to get your own account and not host with me, it is as easy as the click of a button to share the link to your site and you can download it to your account in its entirety.  In the meantime, you skip the hours of learning I went through to learn how to build your own lead funnel.
This offer won't last forever!
I have a goal of 20 new clients by September first and that is why I am lowering my prices.  These people will also have access to my lowest prices on sales funnels and membership funnels after they have made payment and their lead funnel has been delivered.  So don't delay! You only get my lowest prices on additional funnels if you take action now!
Free Copywriting included!
Sometimes the biggest obstacle to getting started is writer's block.  I have years of experience writing and can take your content and write your first 4 follow-up emails for you but in YOUR voice.  This means they will be professional but also connect with your customers. This is a HUGE bonus that only comes if you act today!
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